Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:NO.9 Xixi Industry Zone, Hongqiao, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province/China

TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330    

E-MAIL:[email protected] [email protected]


Corporate philosophy:

Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, innovation across, competition and cooperation, sustainable development" business philosophy.

Quality policy:

Import advanced management mode, strengthen the internal management;

Constantly improve the technical standards, the pursuit of excellence.

Quality objectives:

1 qualified rate is more than 99%;

2 finished product delivery experience rate control in 200PPM less than;

3 customer complaints less than 1 times per month.

Why choose new fur?

Quality stability, delivery on time, quality service, price win, customer satisfaction, market synchronization

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TEL:+86-0577-62335633 62335939 62336330 FAX:+86-0577-62335613 E-mail:[email protected] [email protected]
Technical support:
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